Thursday, 5 July 2007

[Others.006] Have you seen concrete piers before?

Tried to upload some photos last night from home, for some reason it always timed out. Will try again tonight...

We have been talking about concrete piers but have no idea what it looks like. Basically it's just big holes drilled on the ground until it reaches rock, and then filled with concrete.

Thanks to "vanderlay" from forum, I found this blog from "Amber's blog" with some photos about "Concrete Piers". Have a look yourself by clicking here (check for the post on 29/1/2007).

In our tender, concrete piers are listed as "provisional site cost", which means the actual $ will depends on what happened that day. If they have to drill a much deeper hole than expected, we will have to pay the differences. Hopefully this won't happen...

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