Sunday, 8 July 2007

[PropertyInfo.003] Rail Link Updates

Latest Preferred Project Report for North West Rail Link Released
If you or any of your friends/relatives currently own or planning to own properties in the Epping, Cheltenham, Beecroft, Carlingford, West Pennant Hills, Castle Hills, Cherrybrook, ...etc suburbs, you should keep a close eyes on all information related to the North West Rail Link. As the construction of the rail way will have huge impact to the property price. For me, I only worry about the Epping to Castle Hill part as that's closest to me...

In case you are not aware, I noticed some information has just been released on 4/7, see "Preferred Project Report for the North West Rail Link" on TIDC web site. There's a very detail 127 page report included, which will take some time for anyone to digest and understand. It's good that there're also some detail drawings included.

I have attached the part closest to Epping station below for your reference. The black dashed lines are the new North West Rail Link, and the green dashed lines are the one originally proposed from Parramatta to Epping, which I believe is dead (see further information below).

In the report it also mentioned:

2.2.6 Letters to property owners
Letters were sent to all property owners within the 60 metre wide tunnel corridor and the 40 metre wide surface corridor. The letter outlined that the recipient’s property was potentially affected by the project, and provided information on the project and how to find out more. A copy of Planning Update No.2 was also included with the letter.

So I guess if your property is going to be effected, you would probably have received the notice (Quick, put the house on market for sale!!)...

Is the Parramatta Rail Link Dead?
This is actually a very old news now. I put it together with the article above as it's related somehow. I saw this article from "The Rail Now Campaign Inc." web site dated March 2003 talking about the status of the Parramatta to Epping Rail Link.

The best part of it is as quoted below:

"The Parramatta Rail Link EIS said the line had the capacity to carry up to 15 trains an hour(1). The plan was to have 4 from Hornsby and 8 from Parramatta ending up at Chatswood(2). But the Overview Report on the North-West railway says 8 trains an hour will run from Mungerie Park through Epping to Chatswood and beyond(3). That means 20 trains an hour from Epping to Chatswood, on a line which can carry 15. How can that be done?"

Personally, I don't really see the benefit of linking Epping & Parramatta, as both areas already have railway and other public transporation coverage. The North West one mentioned above would definitely be more beneficial to the public. I know a lot of friends and colleagues living in those areas have to rely on bus or driving to get to the city and it can take hours just for that. Traveling by train would be much quicker and better for the environment as well.

There will definitely be news/articles all over the place for complaints and other opinions (See this as an example) against this kind of major infrastructure construction works. Looking at the long term future for the development of the whole city, unfortunately, this is the price we have to pay...

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