Saturday, 14 July 2007

[Progress.015] Sign is Up, Taiger Tail to be Installed Next Week, Tree Protection Fence Fixed

Sign is Up
As shown below, our builder setup a sign on our block a few days ago. We are all very exciting although it has been quite frustrating in the past few weeks due to continous bad weather.

Taiger Tail to be Installed Next Week
We have electrician Frank on site this afternoon to inspect the neighbour's power cable for tiger tail installation. Hopefully he will have everything ready some time next week.

Neighbour's Backyard
We found that the other neighbour's landscaper only has time to finish the excavation before our builder blocked the whole site with fences. As shown below, they still have plenty of soils all over the places. We have given them 5 weeks since end of May and they still can't finish their work. Probably not much choice but to remove them manually without using any bigger machines/trucks.

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