Thursday, 19 July 2007

[Progress.017] Photos of the sticks for "Peg out"

According to my wife, the electrician has finished the tiger tail installation. I will take some more photos tomorrow morning. It's really exciting to have something finally started after such a long wait...

The photos for some of the sticks installed for "peg out" as mentioned before:

1. These 2 sets are part of the outer ones around the corner of the block:

2. These 2 sets are part of the inner ones around where the house will be built (or where the excavation will start):

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Bry & C-Bear said...

Hi Allan,

Well done on your blog and it looks as if you are now slightly ahead of us! Look forward to watching your progress and I hope to have some progress of my own to report very soon! We are just waiting for our site manager to contact us and get started. Called my 'old' admin. today and was told tomorrow (Friday) or Monday at the latest. Your ground looks a bit dryer than ours...showers, showers, showers here in Melb! Good Luck!