Tuesday, 31 July 2007

[Progress.020] Promising Response and Naughty Neighbour

Promising Response
My wife sent details about this blog to one of the senior managers of our builder on Monday and we received this:

"I have forwarded your email to our construction manager and he assures me that work will commence on your site very shortly. I apologies however we have had a month of terrible weather which really does delay construction."

This looks quite promising, who says bloggers don't have power? I got lots of visitors/potential customers here!

Naughty Neighbour
Yesterday, we were talking to our "naughty" neighbour (just moved into the Clarendon house with big chemical factory, sorry, I mean water tank :-P) who's landscaper entered our site without permission to do some work on his backyard and "accidentally" dropped some rubbish on our site.

I wasn't very happy about it and was going to ask them to cover the full price for the future fence as compensation. After some family discussion we decided to be nice, just for one last time. We agree to give them one more day to finish all their work as we are expecting to start some work very soon (have been talking about these 2 words for many weeks.....).

We have already given them lots of time since end of May, if they still can't finish it, tough luck!

Someone Locked Our Site!
When I did my routine daily check on our site this morning, I noticed there's a chain & lock on the front entrance. It's locked!

I think it should be our builder that locked the site. Yeah! We finally have one more achievement (the other is peg-out) on the last day of July... I almost cried...

Added photo of the lock as below, tried a few times but can't get it to open....

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