Tuesday, 3 July 2007

[Tips.007] Are you installing clear glass for your bathroom windows/bedroom doors?

Noticed a few discussions in homeone forum about clear glass.

One of the owner chose quite mordern bedroom doors with some glass openings. Only during construction did he notice that it's in clear glass, and it's too late to change (Note: project home builders charged min $250 - $500 on top of the $ for the change, for every change after contract signed). Just imagine all your bedroom doors with clear glass openings, although it's inside the house, how embarrass it would be if anyone can see through the door while you are changing! I guess one possible option is to stick something on the glass or cover it up...

The other common mistake owners normally make is to install clear glass for bathroom windows. There are still some builders doing this and then charge extra to change the windows glass to obscure glazing. Luckily our builder has this covered as standard. Personally I think there should be a rule/regulation or something about this setup to protect the owner. It's just ridiculous to have clear glass for bathroom windows.

Hope you find all these tips helpful.

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