Wednesday, 8 August 2007

[BlogSite.015] SiteMeter got reports as well!

May be you already aware of this, I just discovered this about half an hour ago...

I was talking about all those wonderful reports you can get from Google Analytics the other day on this post. About half an hour ago I accidentally clicked on the SiteMeter counter on my site and I found that it provides some reports as well!

Yes, all you have to do is click on that SiteMeter counter and it will bring you to a SiteMeter site with all the reports.

This has a totally different concept from Google Analytics. With Google Analytics, you have to logon to their site to see those reports, therefore the reports are only available to the site owner/administrator. While the SiteMeter reports are available to all visitors. Well, there's no right or wrong with either option, just depend on how you feel which one is more suitable for you.

Again, I have included a few reports for your reference. First, the summary report.

This report shows the location of recent visitors.

This report shows the referrals.

This report is quite interesting, it predicts how much traffic you might get for the next hour/day/week/month based on the current figure. I think it's quite fancy but not much use.

This one shows number of visits by days.

This one shows visitor details, check if your ISP is listed here...

Finally as usual, you get a world map. I specifically used the Australian map. You can see that we actually have more visitors from QLD/VIC/TAS than NSW, that's interesting!

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