Monday, 17 September 2007

[Progress.047] 3 new issues, some truss/fames and ground floor windows installed

When we spoke with the supervisor end of last week, he mentioned about they missed one steel beam, as shown below, it was delivered last Friday. But when I was there this evening, the beam is still lying on the floor. Wonder when are they going to install it...

We also noticed 3 new issues in the past few days (previous one from last week was the damaged sewage), and will send email to builder for them to be resolved.

(1) As shown below, the 2 "Noggings" at the left hand side wasn't installed properly. If you like to know what is "Nogging", Have a look at this post about Jargons.

(2) We found this area above the garage where the flooring board was damaged.

(3) When we spoke with supervisor last week, we discussed about the meal room window might be a bit too low for the air con (we made a mistake in placing the air con right under the window). He want us to send an email to request for it to be raised one brick higher, which we did on Thu/Fri, but when I was on site this evening I was surprised to see the meal room windows frames still remain unchanged (at the same height) and the windows already installed. Hope it wasn't fixed and can still be easily moved without causing any damage...

This evening, I saw some of the ground floor windows been installed, some truss/frames for the porch, garage and eaves also installed. Looking good!

This one from the garage side. If you compare it with previous photos,you will notice the orange steel beam is now behind the newly installed truss for the garage eaves.

Unfortunately the truss for the roof are still lying on top of the 1st floor frames, and there's still no sign of the crane...

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