Wednesday, 2 January 2008

[Progress.081] Surprise for the new year!

I drove past our site yesterday afternoon and noticed all the windows were opened. Have a look around and quite surprised to find all the cornice were installed! What a surprise, I thought no one will be working until at least mid January??!!

First photo below is looking from front living area to the front gate. My lovely 4 steps cornice...

This is the front bay window area, the little black cable at the left is for the alarm sensor.

This is the area around the laundry.

This is the bay windows at the back. Noticed there's a small hole at the left hand side ceiling area, I think that's where the beam is --- there you go, another new issue for the new year... Definitely need to fix up all the weekly summary I missed since mid November, otherwise can't keep track of all the issues properly...

The last one is looking into the hall way, I took this picture because the way the cornice ends at the left hand side.

Also noticed another new issue on first floor cornice, we paid extra to install this expensive 4 steps cornice for upper living area. But looks like the trades person made a mistake and installed them in the ground floor study room instead... Another unnecessary rework...

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