Tuesday, 15 January 2008

[Progress.085] Eaves lining & alfresco ceiling work, plus new issue with hole in ceiling

There wasn't any activity on our site early last week, then on Thursday (10/1) I saw some UTEs parked outside. Notice in the photo below, the fences above the ground & first floor roof still not removed yet.

There were 3 guys working on the eaves lining, smile!

They told me they will also do some work on the alfresco ceiling. Can't remember the term they used, it's something to do with the frames to support the ceiling board. To make it easier to understand I took a few before & after photos for comparison. This is what it looks like before they start.

When they finished, there were lots of new timber been installed, even the steel beam was almost covered. The ceiling area is now on the same level as the eaves lining and is ready for the gyprock guys to install the ceiling board.

This one viewed from different angle. You can still roughly see the original timber frames hidden at the top with the pink insulation.

I also found another new issue. There's a hole in the ceiling of the family room at the back of the house, near the bay window area. As shown below, looks like it's because there's a steel beam at the back. Anyway, this needs to be covered and will record it as another issue for tracking purpose...

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