Tuesday, 15 January 2008

[PropertyInfo.020] Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2007

Thanks to a post by parker (visit his blog at parkershouse.blogspot.com) in homeone.com.au forum, there's this very helpful document produced by the Victorial Building Commission in collaboration the NSW Office of Fair Trading, the Tasmanian Government and the ACT Government, called "Guide to Standards and Tolerances 2007".

"The aim of the Guide is to assist home owners clarify the standards and tolerances on building work where such standards are not prescribed in the Home Building Act 1989, the Building Code of Australia or Australian Standards."

"The Guide helps home owners if building work is in dispute. It deals with such topics as shrinkage around timber window frames, door frames, nail popping in timber floors, paving through to footings and foundations."

The document is available here, or you can visit this page on NSW Office of Fair Trading web site for further details.

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