Monday, 21 January 2008

[WeeklySummary.023] Week 23 (03/01/2008) - (09/01/2008)

External doors installed

Unplanned expenses:

1. Steel beams in Alfresco been joined instead of one full piece, painted with orange paint. Not sure if this is structurely sound and safe - According to inspector, an engineering report is required, leave it open for tracking purpose
2. Found a hole on the floor board of bedroom above garage
3. Sewage pipe (in front of property) broken
4. 1st floor main bathroom windows was installed with clear glass windows instead of obscured/glazed ones
5. Drain pipe next to alfresco post been removed
6. Huge gap above external door and window, especially laundry area - According to inspector, this will later be covered. Leave it open to keep track of issue
7. Study room window broken
8. Standard "J" track (instead of heavy duty "U" track) been used for both sliding doors
9. Front roof valley above bay windows fitted with incorrect length (too short) causes leaking in front porch and bay windows areas
10. Front roof valley above garage leads water straight into sarking area instead of roof tiles
11. Front roof tiles above bay windows not finished properly
12. 3 areas in bedrooms upstairs have floor movements, squeaking noise is evident in those areas
13. Cleaning of external bricks for ground floor half finished
14. According to supervisor, kitchen window needs to be raised higher
15. 4 steps cornice not been installed in upstairs living area
16. Wrong highlit been installed above main entrance


kitchen design said...

Kitchen looks good. What type of top are you putting on it?

Allan said...

Thanks for your comment. We are putting granite benchtop.