Monday, 21 January 2008

[Progress.088] Downpipe surprise and disappointment

I was quite surprise to see all the downpipes installed this afternoon. A few photos as shown below.

You would think that's some sort of achievement isn't it? Wrong!

First of all, if you look at this old post of mine in early July last year, you will see that the colour we selected is "ironstone" not white.

Well, you may say that if the colour is wrong, may be they will paint the downpipes into the colour we want, what's the big deal?

Let me tell you why, have a look at the photo below. This is the displayed home of the same model as ours. Compare the downpipes with ours above. And yes, it's the one at the right, the one at the left is the sewage pipe... Do you get it now?

This is another house built by our builder which we visited last year. You can see the downpipes in dark red colour both at the front and at the back. Most of you should get it now. Yes, the material is wrong! The downpipes should be in colourbond, not plastic!

Another issue to add to my list....

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Damo said...

you might find that colorbond downpipes are an upgrade...

we to changed several of ours to painted zincalume sections, and left the ones to be connected to the water tank as pvc. this didnt cost us anything, colorbond was about $80 per downpipe.

Allan said...

Hi, Thanks for the comment. So this is one extra things for every owner to check. Make sure it's specified in your contract, what material will be used for the down pipes, to avoid confusion/future argument.